What Are You Doing To Your Mind?

Our mind is a neutral ground that depends on our focus and thoughts – to give us what we want.

I mean, if you focus on the negative things of life and giving yourself negative motivation not to continue trying…

Your mind would feel defeated, and shut down the little lights of hope, enthusiasm, and willpower you can use to come out of the sea of negativity you’re consciously sinking in.

But it doesn’t have to be like that.

You ought to know life isn’t a bed of roses, and challenges are part of the menu.

Every successful person you admire and aspire to be like have fought through some of the challenges you’re battling with now, and…

They’re still fighting through challenges at the level they’re in now.

Thing is, success be like woman wey born – people dey admire the baby and happy for the woman and husband, but…

Many people dey forget about the plenty drama, pains, discomforts, cravings, emotional outburst and other extra performance wey happen at different trimester of the pregnancy.

Na only the woman, her man, and people wey dey the house with dem go know say – e no easy at all.

But, without those pains and transformation,
the baby no go grow inside, and complications go dey.

So, the pain dey actually come with gain sha. Sweet gain!

Back to the matter.

The quality of your life would be determined by the quality of thoughts you feed your mind.

What lense do you view the world from – positive or negative?

What conversations are you having with yourself?

What affirmations are you planting in your mind – are they Empowering you, or… killing you, slowly?

Omo, na you be the engineer of your life o.

Yes, God dey, but…

God no go come down come position your life and choices for you.

Shebi you be adult?

Okay, na why you suppose know wetin good for you.

And if you say you wan dey reason yourself less because of wetin you dey go through now, or because things no dey go your way, then…

Your self-fulfilling prophesy go happen.

As you wan dey live life like say you be victim of your circumstances so, na so life go treat you like rag, too, and you no dare complain.

Na you ask for am.


If you focus on the bright side of life and learn how to push through the pain, regardless ehn…

Omo, life go give you regard sef.

Because life go see say you no be odoyo.

Life like to dey roll with solid people. Because even life dey change am for anybody – anytime.

Life isn’t anyone’s daddy’s mate!

That’s why you have to develop yourself so that you can be emotionally and mentally tough enough to deal with whatever life throws at you.


Compalaining… whining… or crying about:
– the bad stuffs that has happened to you, or
– the hardship that you’ve been going through…

Won’t change anything!

So, what’s the point?

Instead of whining like a bitch, why not get up and face your challenges heads on?

Yes, sometimes, you can’t fight the fight alone, and that’s you need solid people in your circle that can assist you when the heat gets too much.

When life hits you down…

It’s okay to chill a bit to catch your breath, gather strength, before you stand up to attack and continue pushing.

You only lose in life’s game when you give up.

But, when you keep pushing on, life would always give you opportunities and breaks to shine and achieve your goals before it unveils new levels of challenges.

Yes, we’re all fighting battles, but at different levels.

Some are fight battles against brokenness.

Others are fighting battles against disunity in their homes.

Some are fighting battles against emotional and mental instability.

Some are fighting battles against their negative addictions.

While some are fighting 2, 3 or more of the above battles at the same time!

Again, keep fighting.


Because you have a chance of winning when you’re still in the ring, but…

You’ll never have a chance to win or survive the heat when you give up.

I go match brake for here fess, because…

Plenty talk no dey full basket

I know say you smart sha.

Stay Sharp,
Efe 😉

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