You Need to Die Now

Let’s talk about growth.

If you want to live a happy and fulfilling life, you need to be intentional.

It won’t just happen because you wish for it.

Do you know how many people wish to be successful without taking action to back it up?

Look around, you are surrounded by them.


Are you one of them?


Okay, let’s talk.

Let’s assume you’re in a place in life you don’t like.

You’re not happy with the state of your finances, relationships, and well-being in general.

It sucks, right?

I feel you.

I’ve been there before, and that’s not the best place for anyone to be.


We’re not here to throw a pity party.


That’s what losers do, and we are not losers.

We are winners!

And what do winners do?

We look for solutions to problems, not nag about them or feel like victims.

So, let’s get into it.

The fact that you are not happy with where you are now is a sign that you’re smart.

You have potential, and…

You can achieve great things!

This realization that you’re living below your potential is proof that it’s time to level up.

Before we go further, I want you to know that you are where you are now because of the decisions and actions you’ve taken in the past.

Safe to say you’re in the consequences phase of your previous decisions and actions.

So, you’re enjoying the company of the karma you’ve created.

You’re where you are because of the mistakes you made in the past out of sheer ignorance or conscious recklessness.

It’s okay.

I’m not here to judge you.

Just want to hold you accountable for your situation and…

Help fix it.

Now that you are aware of the causes of your unhappiness with where you are in life now.

The next question is…

What’s next?

And my answer is…

You need to die now— (figuratively)

I mean, you need to die to – bad habits, wrong associations, and negative mindsets.

The process won’t be easy or sweet, but…

It’s a price you MUST pay if you want to level up from where you are now.

You’ll have to end friendships with some people who are enablers of your vices – that liabilities to your great potential.

You need to die to your old self and negative habits that used to give you pleasure at the expense of your growth.

This is going to be a hard conversation.

But we’ll have it anyway.

Moving on…

Action is cheaper than regret.

To leave your current phase, you’ve got to move.

But, first, the movement starts with the death of your old self and old ways.

Like seeds that die and are buried under the soil – to germinate.

You need to die to negative people and activities – for you to grow positively.

And for old people and activities that got you in this mess?

You need to cut them off WITHOUT remorse – and start a new way of life.

You have to embrace personal development wholeheartedly and be willing to pay the price to rebirth yourself.

Here’s how to start your rebirth process:

You’ve got to pick solid role models who’ll
inspire and motivate you
to BE and DO better.

You need to start reading quality books to sharpen your blunt mind.

You have to start listening to quality audio/podcasts.

Start attending quality events, seminars,
or webinars to expose your mind to
quality people with quality

It’s all part of the process of your rebirth.

You need to follow the process.


Because the people and habits that brought you to this unhappy
place you’re in right now won’t take you
to your happy place.

You need to cut them off, and…

You need to start cultivating great habits to replace the old destructive ones.

Do you understand?

You can’t become the best version of yourself if you stay complacent and complain about your life.

Complacency and staying in your comfort zone will only make you regress.

Is that what you want?



You need to be intentional with your life now.

If you’ve been living your life randomly before now –

It’s time to sit up!

We aren’t growing younger, buddy.

Now is the time to build our lives to avoid regrets and painful mistakes in the future.

Do you feel me?

Pay the price of developing your life now
to avoid the regrets of living a
meaningless life later.

Be intentional with your life.

Like Jim Rohn admonished,

“don’t be a victim of yourself.”

Oh, before I forget…

I want to remind you to get prepared for the resistance and opposition you’ll face after your rebirth.

Some people around you would revolt against the new version of you.

Don’t fret.

Don’t bulge.

Don’t be intimidated.

The new version of yourself will be a threat to them.

The new you will make them realize they’re living an average life,
and they’ll feel intimidated — unprovoked.

They’ll resent you because you’ll be out of their league – through intentional
living that they are running away from.

Be prepared.

Keep developing yourself and upgrading your life.

Let those who won’t pay the price for growth fall off.

Your BECOMING is greater than your attachment or relationship with anyone – whether family or friend.

Die to your old self, negative associations, and old ways now.

Pay the price for your greatness through discipline, work and focus

It can only get better.

Take charge of your life today.

E Get Why.

I’m rooting for you.

Stay Sharp!


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