Do You Want To Grow?

If you want to grow

Answer this question…

What are you failing at the moment?

If nothing…

Then, it means you aren’t doing anything new.

You’re stuck in your comfort zone and living routinely or playing familiar games.

If that’s the kinda life you want for yourself…

I have one request.

Stop reading here and close this page.

This is not for you.

Thanks for your time.


If you want to live a fulfilling and happy life,

Keep reading.

If you want to grow in life, you need to be facing different challenges.

And some of those challenges will require you to learn new skills, habits, or knowledge that will help you overcome them.

… and as you overcome those challenges with the new things you learn, you’ll become a better version of yourself in the process.

Every challenge you conquer adds a layer of value to you.

And those layers of value you have are what will determine the level of success that’ll come to you.

Do you get it?

But here’s the thing:

Most people want to grow, but they don’t want to follow the process of growth.

If they face a challenge, they’ll rather run away from it or look for shortcuts with long-term problems – to fix it.

They don’t want to learn.

And if they want to learn, they don’t want to fail.

They want to go from novice to pro overnight without failing or making mistakes.


Because they don’t want to be seen as novices, or…

They are worried about what people will say.

Too bad!

Are you like them?

Do you run away from learning new things because you want to be a pro on the first try?

If yes, please…


Every pro was once a beginner and a learner.

I want you to realize that

failing is part of the process of gaining mastery or becoming successful.

Stop demonizing failure.

It is a part of success.

Failing will open your mind up for growth and unconventional thinking.

And in the process of thinking out of the box…

You’ll learn new ways to become better and solve the challenge you’re dealing it… or become better at whatever you are learning.

Failing is the natural differentiator between successful people and average people.

While average people would fail and quit at their first or few trials…

Successful people would fail, learn from their failures, and keep retrying till they got it right.

Can you see the difference now?

Do you now agree with me that failure is a part of success?

See, it’s okay to fail, my friend.


It’s not okay to fail without learning from the failure.


Because if you don’t learn from it, you’ll keep repeating it while expecting different results, which is a dumb thing to do.

And I know you are not dumb.

That’s why I want you to be open to accepting failing and making mistakes while you learn that new skill… role… or profession.

It’s okay.

It’s your continuous learning, failing, relearning, and implementation that’d transform you from a newbie into a pro over time.

Do you get it?

Failure is an unavoidable part of success and growth.

Learn to embrace it, learn from it, and leverage it for your advancement in life.

Every successful person you see and admire has had their fair share of failures in their journey.

You are no different.

Face your failures and make an interesting story out of it.

You’ve got greatness inside of you.

Unlock it, buddy.

Stay Sharp!

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