Save Yourself

Same people wey Halla “sai baba” then, dun still dey halla something else again.


These people won’t learn.


No politician is a saviour.


They’re all birds of a feather, disguised in different political parties.


It’s sad to see people make enemies of themselves because of politicians.


Politicians that wine and dine together behind closed doors.


My concerns:


Even if LP wins the presidential election, how much growth and positive change would happen 


…IF governors and senators in opposition parties refuse to cooperate with the ruling party?


Do most people even think about the need for cooperation among party leaders to achieve a common goal?


What would happen if LP proposes a motion in the National Assembly that’d benefit the masses, and the majority of the opposition oppose the bill?


For real positive change to happen, there has to be harmony between the arms of government; executive, legislative, and judiciary.


… from the grassroots level, states level, and the national level.


If not…


Dem go just dey play.


People are expecting too much from polithiefcians who don’t give a fvck about them.




If the APC candidate wins, I don’t see the front man as the president for the long term though.


I do think what happened in Yar-Adua’s era would repeat itself. Maybe.


Question is…


Are Nigerians ready for the rule of the 2ic?


Many people get carried away.


But when reality sets in, they’d start looking for another saviour again, in 8 years time.


Add 8 years to your current age and see how far you go dun go.



Whenever I see people bash candidates of opposition parties with their real identity online, I do smh and smile.


Most politicians, pastors, imams, and celebrities,  etc who bash politicians are covered.


I mean, most of them have dual citizenship for themselves and their family.


Dem fit make dey noise online o, but once e burst, dem go follow the next flight discharge from the country and go chill for their other home.


Then, na people wey follow dem make noise without backup plan go suffer the consequences of their actions.



Was in one group, and one army guy said that we should vote wisely.


That although they don’t answer to civilians directly… they do so by giving their loyalty to whoever the civilians vote to represent them.


Some people in the group got blinded by emotions and started attacking the guy.


Emotions can never replace facts.


If President command major general of the army to send boys to go scatter election polling units…


The general go say “yes boss” and effect the order, without blinking.


” Obey the last command!”  na your mate?  😀


Those military guys have pledged allegiance, loyalty, and lives to serve the nation- through the command of the people’s chosen representative, the president.


Military men and women are apolitical.


Dem no dey participate for election.


But… they could be influenced by their oga-at-the-top, I guess.




If you’re going out to vote on Saturday, stay on guard o.


Those politicians and their miscreants go move mad dat day.


We gats use our brain to stay ahead of them – to avoid being victims of any intended and unintended casualty.


Just know that whoever wins, life would continue to go on – regardless.


The best thing we can do for ourselves at any point in time is to try to be self-sufficient – without depending on a party or candidate to come and save us.


Cos they won’t.




Stay Sharp,




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