Unlock Your Greatness: Stop Copying Others

There’ll only be one of those successful person you’re trying so hard to be like.

There’ll only be one Ronaldo,
Rihanna, Goggins, or
Tony Robbins, etc.

The best or you or thousands of
others can be clones of them.

And the thing about being a clone is – it refers people to the original version.

And who would wanna pay attention to a clone when they can get all the juice and value from the original person?

Well, not me sha.

And I know you won’t, either.


Why waste so much time and energy trying to become someone else at the expense of
who you could BEcome?


Make it make sense, abeg.

If the people you’re obsessing to be like now, abandoned themselves and copied other people, would you have loved or liked them?

C’mon nau.

Don’t do yourself dirty like that, my gee.

The fact is….

You can BECOME greater than that person you’re trying to be like IF you put in the work to develop yourself and increase your capacity.

Yes, this process will take time, but it’s a price you MUST pay if you want to live an extraordinary life.

Your idols and faves have paid their prices.

That’s why they grew, and you found them.

The moment they stop paying the price and developing themselves, the people who do will overtake them.

It’s one thing to become successful.

But managing and sustaining success is a different conversation, and requires different processes entirely.

You get?

Back to the main topic.

Don’t try to be like someone else.

Because if you do…

You’ll kill the person you’re meant to be in the process.


Imagine trying to be like a State Commissioner when you have the potential to become the President.

Just imagine!

Is that what you truly want for yourself?

… to assassinate your potential in the process of trying to be a clone of someone else?

C’mon nau.

No dey do like dat.

That’s every shade of wrong – to yourself and the people who are connected to the value you have…. directly or indirectly.

Do you understand?


Yes, you can learn from the greats or people who have gone ahead of you in that zone, but…

… it should be for inspirational and/or motivational purposes ONLY.

Learn from them, but – don’t become their clone.


You have a unique journey that’s filled with unique challenges and experiences that’ll create lots of stories that’ll:
– inspire
– motivate
– transform

… the people you are meant to serve.

Do you understand?

Don’t try to be someone else.

You have the seed of greatness inside of you.

All you have to do?

Nurture it with your:
– time
– energy
– resources

You have a light inside of you, buddy…

Let it shine!


Listen, your life is one story that’s being written by you daily – consciously or unconsciously.

How would you want your story to be told?

Sit down, check your:
– actions
– mindset
– decisions
– associations

Before you reply.

You can always hit the reset button of your life, home.

No matter how far you’ve gone in the wrong lane, you can always stop and get back on track.

Cos no matter how fast you drive in the wrong direction, you can NEVER get to your destination.

Speed is useless in the wrong direction.

Get your acts together, my gee.

Live life intentionally.

E Get Why. 😉


I’m rooting for you!

Stay Sharp,


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