No Gree For Anybody ?

“No gree for anybody dis year”

Na wetin dey reign now be dat.

E con be like na the motto of 2024 be o.


As you No go gree for anybody, no gree for yourself too o.

I mean, no gree for poverty, laziness or procrastination o.

Because if you gree for dem, dem go useless your life and you no go even get strength wey go help you ” no gree for anybody.”

Focus on conquering yourself, first.

Most times, we tend to focus all our energy and attention on external factors while forgetting about the ONE thing that matters most – our MIND.

See, if the quality of your thoughts and actions is superior…

You’ll do things that’ll make you soar above the masses who are walking or running against each other.

When you dey operate in high zone, you go dey move and do things with people wey wan grow and become better like you.

Ona go dey collaborate and mastermind on the way forward.

Ona go dey fly for up like eagles while ona go dey look the masses wey dey fight each other because dem no wan gree for anybody.

No gree for anybody could be empowering if you look at it from the bright side.

Just that some people who are lazy thinkers would use it as an excuse to be hostile, rude, unreasonable, and stupid.

Some of them would make mistakes but refuse to be corrected or take corrections,


“Dem no wan gree for anybody dis year”

Can you see the foolishness?

Some of them would be unnecessarily difficult to other people, colleagues, superiors, or clients.


Because dem no wan gree for anybody.

Verily Verily I say unto you, many are senseless and dumb – na packaging dey cover dem up.

Don’t swallow or internalize everything you see without vetting if it’d help you grow or destroy you.

Use your brain, my gee.


No gree for anybody wey wan run you down or stop your shine.

No gree for any habit wey go destroy you.

No gree for lifestyle wey go make you regret later.

No gree for fixed mindset wey go spoil your life.

No gree for fa friends, colleagues

I know say you smart.

Stay Sharp,

One comment

  1. What a piece Efe!
    The wise ones should really use the no gree for anybody as a push for themselves.

    That part about bad habits? Imagine everyone who’s dealing with one, develops that mindset of no gree for this bad habit too, the world would gradually become a better place.

    Kudos man.👊

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