The Main Difference Between Successful vs Average People

In life, there are types of knowledge;

👉🏾 Common knowledge

👉🏾 Acquired knowledge

It happens that everyone operates with common knowledge by default.


If you look at the successful people in every society, they take a step further to acquire knowledge.

And that’s how they become among the 20% that controls the 80%.

Pareto’s principle works in almost everything in life.

It states that 20% of efforts generate 80% of results.

20% of humans are wealthier than 80% of people in the world.

Do you get it?

Still talking about knowledge…

While we are meant to operate with common knowledge by default… only those who go the extra mile to acquire new knowledge would go far in this journey of life.


I’ll tell you now, chill.

If everybody liked the same things… think the same way, and do the same things, would there be anything special about them?

The world would’ve been a boring place, yeah?

But, that’s what 80% of the people do.

They copy from each other, think in the same pattern, and do the same things.


For the remaining 20%, they use their brains to think, create Innovative stuff, and advance themselves in life.

And that’s how they have the money, power, influence, and fame they use to control the other 80% who failed to utilize the power of their MIND (man’s greatest asset).

Acquired knowledge that’s been put to use as the separating factor between successful people and the averages.

And the reason 80% of people are at the bottom of the food chain is because…

They are lazy!


Lazy to sacrifice their time, energy, attention, or money to acquire the knowledge they need to become the best versions of themselves.

They rather waste their physical, mental, and financial resources chasing pleasures, or engaging in no-value activities… than invest it in their growth.

They run away from the pain of discipline that’d shape them into the best version of themselves.

They consider activities such as reading, exercising, taking courses, or being disciplined as “boring”- and they avoid engaging in them.

A huge risk that’d damage them mentally, emotionally, and financially- later in life. 🤦🏽‍♂️

Don’t do yourself detty like them.

To stand apart, you need to acquire knowledge. Yes, it takes discipline and sole discomfort to acquire knowledge through learning, but…

It’s a step in the right direction.

And it’d be worth it 1000% if you convert your knowledge into actions while you acquire them.

We, humans, can be compared to phones’ Operating Systems (OS).

While some people are still operating with an outdated OS in modern times… others are upgrading their OS regularly- and intentionally through learning and taking action.

The difference in performance between these people is always glaring.

And you…

Which group do you belong in, or striving to belong in:

– the 20% of successful people, or

– the 80% of the average people

If you’re having difficulty in answering that question…

Let me make it easier for you.

Answer the following questions:

👉🏾 What is the status of your life’s OS- obsolete or current?

👉🏾 How often do you update your mind and upgrade your thought process?

Your answer would reveal your position in the 80/20 divide of the world.

… and your position would help you determine what you need to do – to step up, or keep elevating.

The choice is always yours.


Stay Sharp,


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