Love note

Hey baby

Ever since I met you…

You’ve shown a part of me I never knew existed, sweetly and lovingly.

I’m just here thinking about those nights we’d talk about everything, nothing… and anything

… some of the best nights in the world.

I feel blessed to have you in my life, baby.

A SPEC and more.

Eh God!

The way your smile dey shine for night dey make the moon dey jealous.

How only you go just fine like 3 beauty queens combined?

Na so you dey do? 😃

You’re so adorable, your natural beauty makes the rest women around you feel insecure.

Be easy on em, baby.

Make dem no go dey abuse their makeup kits to keep up with your natural beauty.


Should we talk about your class, or how you carry yourself with grace and finesse?

How about your high level of intelligence and problem-solving skills?

Dis part fit make their head blow, so I’ll skip it for now. 😅

Sweet baby, I just want to let you know that you’re an embodiment of a sweet and high-value lady.

Your type no plenty laidat.

Your mama born you well.

How can you be almost perfect even with all your flaws?

Tell me the secret. 😃

I’m sure the angels wept the day you were born cos…

You left them to bless the world with your presence.

Sweet baby!

You’re special to me, like dodo to beans.

I love your energy, drive, and charisma.

Thanks, for who you are, and all you do, sweet baby.

We have an empire to build, and some continents to tour, but

Until then…

Keep being your sweet and amazing self!


Stay Sharp!


P.S. I’m not a fan of one day display of love.

Your lover have the rights to feel special every day, don’t starve them of the feeling.

Don’t wait for some “special days” to make them feel loved, adored, and appreciated.


Be generous with your love, affection, and appreciation.


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