Thread vs Twitter: How Billionaires Fight

How billionaires fight

Outsmarting competitors, and lessons you can learn from it

Yesterday, I woke up to a notification to get “Thread”, a new platform of Meta.

It piqued my curiosity, and I installed the app.

I noticed one thing immediately – it was similar to Twitter.



That was when it clicked.

On Twitter, you either share a tweet or a ‘thread’ (longer content)

The whole thing got clearer to me.

And then it occurred to me that the tech billionaires are up to something.

As a curious person…

I love learning from (my fellow 😃) billionaires so I won’t repeat the mistakes they’re making, or made.

E Get Why.

Here is a key lesson I’ve picked from the silent battle of the billionaires.

👉🏾 Customers are the main decision-makers of a business/brands’s success or failure.

I’ll explain it to you.

Keep reading.


I love billionaires!

Do you know why?

It’s because they know how to play the “chess game of life” perfectly.

On “Thread”…

I see Zuckerberg capitalizing on Elon’s Twitter recent drama.

And this is the reason you NEED to stay on guard in life or business all the time – because…

There are always people/competitors out there who want what you have.

They want your lunch… business… lover… customers, or audience.

And they’re watching.

They’re waiting for you to slip, or make that tiny mistake they can capitalize on to take your lunch from you.

Will you give it to them? 🤔

Over the years…

Twitter has been one of the favorite platforms of many people, including me, but…

Since Elon bought the platform, there have been several changes in the platform that many users weren’t pleased with.

Some of these changes led many users to air their displeasure with hashtags that trended, but…

“Maybe” feedback was ignored, or considered irrelevant. Maybe.

This led to a strained relationship between many people and the platform.

Some left.

Others stayed. Some stayed but sought alternatives.

You know business is all about relationships, right?

While many people or billionaires might nurse the idea of creating a rival platform for Twitter, Zuck saw a perfect entry and went for the bullseye.

Game on!

Words on the e-Street; Twitter is threatening to sue Meta.

Business is like a game of chess.

One wrong move could put your growth and revenue at risk. While one right move could give you an edge.

My lessons from the Billionaire’s game:

✔ Always listen to your customer’s feedback.

✔ Don’t assist your competitors to take your customers/audience from you by any means.

✔ Be heavy on customer/clients satisfaction

✔ Always be prepared for opportunities to grow and expand yourself – or your business.

✔ Take action immediately an opportunity comes


Never let your guard down whether in your personal development, or business, or career growth.

I’m rooting for you.


Stay Sharp,


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