Save yourself from the herd

The power that be know that if more men are enlightened about the scheme of things, they’d revolt against them.


They feel threatened.


So, they’d do anything, or go to any length to silence anyone trying to teach men about enlightenment.


They love the masses gullible, misinformed, weak, and dumb.

It makes it easier for them to be controlled.


That’s why self-educating, and constantly developing yourself to break free from the matrix should be a non-negotiable for everyone.


Learn to pay the price to liberate yourself from social programming, and herd conditioning.


We have just one life.


Refuse to live your life according to the script of the motherfucking government and the powers that be.


I think “critical thinking skills” and “financial education” aren’t taught in schools because…


they don’t want people to be financially independent, or be able to see through their dirty schemes.


Why do you think the elite send their kids to schools abroad or solid private schools?


I think it’s for two reasons:

1. They know the curriculum of Naija schools is created to mass-produce employees – who’d be dependent on the government to get jobs.

They want their kids to have superior knowledge, and to be able to rule over the majority of the masses who have been programmed to be dependent.


2. They want their kids to mix with other children of the elites to create strategic friendships, relationships, or partnerships for the future.

They are giving their kids leverage and support to make it easy for them to take over their position, and rule over you later.


Dem dey checkmate the masses ahead with this strategy.


Wise up!


I’m not saying this for you to feel like or think you’re a victim. Hell nah!


I’m telling you this for you to see reasons why you should develop yourself, and break free from the herd.


You gats protect yourself and stay ahead of their schemes.


The good news is, the internet has broken the barriers to learning and connection.


But, you still have to be intentional about growth.


I mean, you can upgrade your knowledge with tons of premium resources on the internet.


Google and YouTube are your best friends.


You can learn almost anything with those two.


You can connect with anyone online.


You just have to be intentional about the kinda people you connect with.


Become valuable and connect with other valuable people.

You owe it to yourself, and your (unborn)kids to be free from the chains of the herd.


Reprogram your mind, thoughts, and behaviors… and set yourself up for success.


Even if dem no born you with silver spoon, try make your golden spoon for yourself. ( E Get Why)


You have everything you need to create your best life.


The question is…


Will you pay the price to liberate yourself from mass conditioning?


I wish that you make the right choices.


2023 is just hours away, I hope that you’ll decide to be intentional with your growth, and stay disciplined to sustain it.


War against mediocrity.


Strive to be the best version of yourself.


Let the world experience you while you are alive.

Stay Sharp,








In Jay’z’s voice….. God did!


2022 came with lots of thorns and roses, but…


the best rose so far is the gift of life.


Still standing above the ground, with hopes and dreams is one of the best feelings so far.


2023 will come, and we will try again.


Las lasĀ  We Go Dey ALRIGHT



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