Comparison is a thief of Joy

If you don’t think…


Social media would make it easy for you to feel depressed – when you compare yourself to others.


Don’t do it.


You may think you’re not doing well in life based on the things you see other people post.


And that’s where your problem would start from.


You need to understand that…


The ‘perfect life’ you believe exists based on what you see on social media is an illusion.


People choose to show you the part of their lives they want you to see.


They show you the outcome of their efforts, not the process.


Most people don’t post about their rejections, setbacks, imposter syndrome,  struggles, or failures.


Is that what makes you think you’re wasting your life because you aren’t getting results for your efforts yet?




Cheer up, buddy!


You need to be smart to understand that every success is an outcome of a process.


A process that most people don’t and won’t talk about because- they don’t want competition in their domain.


… this is why you should learn to appreciate those who share their blueprint to success after they achieved it-

either for free or for a fee.


No amount is too big for learning about something


that’d increase your knowledge, and make you a more valuable person.


Do you get it?


Back to the main topic…


There’s no perfect life.


Just illusions of it.


A perfect life is what you make of it, with the unending challenges that come with it.


So, stop determining your life and self-worth based on the lives and standards of other people.


Because… You’re only seeing the part they want you to see.


Before you compare yourself, answer these questions:


📌 Do you see behind the scenes of their success?


📌 Are you willing to pay the price they paid to achieve it?


📌 What is your  definition of success, and what does it mean to you?


📌 Do you have a process to achieve your success?


📌 Are you focused, disciplined, determined, persistent, and diligent in what you do?


Your answers to the above questions would


make you understand why you shouldn’t compare yourself to others.


Remember, comparison is a thief of joy.


When you see people post their success, it should only motivate and inspire you.


Don’t fall into the trap of comparing your beginning to people’s endings.


Keep improving on yourself, skills, mind, and body.


Become more valuable, and success will be attracted to you.


As we prepare to enter into #2023 , get your priorities right, and discard every burden of comparison from your



Focus on your growth and your goals.


And you’ll live a happier life, with peace of mind.


Stay Sharp,



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