Love and Money


So, I read a Whatsapp status of a broda  where he talked about tired of being single,


But, not wanting to be in a relationship because of issues that come with it.


I smiled upon reading.


” make I go show your pman(dad) this message first,” I replied his status.


” Lol… he go understand say at this stage na money I dey find, nor be love o😁,” he replied.


“Ekpa! 😅 You fit get love while you dey find money sha… then when the money come everything go over sweet,” I told him.


“Ohhh! I forget say you don commot from Nigeria, bross for Nigeria this side, nor be so oo, nor worry when you come back 9ja you go understand wetin I dey talk,” he replied.


I understood his point sha, and I replied to him with…


” There are good women out there, bro. Dem dey take care of themselves.


All they need is someone to genuinely love and care for, and be loved back in return.


Dem no need your money or anything you get sef.


Dem no be liability, dem be asset.


Although dem no plenty sha, but, *Dem Dey* ✌🏾💯,” I replied.




Thing is most girls are liabilities and leeches – and they’ve made some guys like my broda think there’s nothing like true love out there.


Those set of babes that immediately you start dating them – they become instant-orphans,


…needing this and that from you all the time – without giving anything back in return except their pussy.


These types are so entitled that they get offended if you can’t ‘chest’ their bills – for any reason.


They’re the team ” I want someone’s son to comman spoil me silly and take care of me.”


These types, their life ambition is getting married to a well-to-do man. Bunch of lazy and unproductive leeches!


Well, I do feel sorry for the guys they’d end up with sha.


Cos, how can such a babe teach her kids how to be productive when she’s nothing to write home about herself?


And, these types would either goan hoe around if their partner can’t foot their bills due to financial constraints,


Or, they’d nag on their partner and unnecessarily pressurize them to goan find money – anyway, without care.


Na some of the guys wey marry these kine girs dey talk waka for street – you go think say dem dun kolo. 🤦🏾‍♂️


You see some young guys look prematurely old cos of getting married to leeches.


Leeches who don’t have ideas, aspirations, or support to offer.


The only thing they know how to do is to live the life for the gram, 


…buy stuff they don’t  need to impress people, and… off paynt! – Their value bank is Zero!


Most times sha, these leeches are beautiful and appealing to the eyes o – with nice ass n boobz – but empty brains.


My broda, if you want to live  long and have a productive life, avoid the leeches by all means.


Some of them are dangerous. 


Because they’ve vowed not to be productive with their lives… dem fit try to hook you down with pregnancy sef. (Happened to a friend)


Dodge the bullet of associating with leeches, they’re harmful to your growth, finance, and peace of mind. (Na me talk am)


Before you ask me,


“Efe, what’s your business?”


Lemme answer you.


My business is that if everyone keeps quiet about these societal abnormalities…


They’d come back and haunt us – later on in life.


You support leeches online, but, will you allow your siblings that you love to settle down with one in real life?


Yet, you’d see people misbehaving online/offline n say it’s their life, they should live as they please- but, you can’t settle down with their type or allow your sibling to even associate with them.


Who you dey deceive?


You’re just fooling yourself, not me.


Karma has a way of dealing with your kind.




Be your own peace first, then when you meet someone, it’d be a union of peace – and if they threaten or attempt to take your peace… 


Cut ’em off!


You see these leeches, they’re the ones that you’d see enduring abusive and toxic relationships/marriages the most.


Cos to them, if they leave, they won’t be able to live the extravagant life they’ve been accustomed to. (Smh)


Some babes have died in the process of tolerating toxicity – because they saw all the red flags but decided to ignore because of what they’re benefitting.


Babe, you for try get your own money o – e get why.


As a babe, having your own money will save you from many unnecessary knacking, toxicity,and abusive relationships.


You’d have a say in your relationship, and quit when your peace is being tampered with.


Guys don’t like unproductive ladies. They may deceive you n claim to love you just to have access to your coochie –


…and they’d dump your leeching ass when they get tired of smashing you or – when they meet someone they want to settle down with.


This is a secret they won’t tell you, but… I’m saying this now cos I’ve got female siblings n friends I love n care about.


Well, people go still loose guard regardless, but, atleast, I play my part – I gave you heads up. 😊


I’m not against babes wanting to settle down with a well-to-do guy o, the question is…


What happens if things go South, financially?


I’m not wishing or saying things should go wrong o, but – What if it does?



Dear broda,


You think you want to chase money at the expense of love, abi… 😅


Some people go even say ” you’re not supposed to have an erection if you don’t have money”


Wait fess, are you really happy with your poor state?


Well, brokenness is not of the Lord o, hustle to overcome poverty. Financial stability is bae yuuno. 😉


Have money for yourself- for the freedom, access and options in life that it’d give you… Not because you want to impress anyone.


In all your doinz, securing the bag should be a top priority. 🥰




that doesn’t mean you should lose a good girl if one comes your way – as far you are productive with your life.


Cos, if you abandon women and chase only the money


“Women are everywhere,” people would say, and it’s true, but…


” Quality women aren’t everywhere.” They are rare these days. 


Especially in this our era where people glorify instant-gratification ( gist for anoda day) 😁


So, my guy, try to dis balance money and love thing.


Cos, if you don’t, a time may come where you’d have all the money you need, but… you won’t have the woman you need.


You may even develop trust issues because you’d think all the women coming into your life – are coming just because of your money.


And, you’d be skeptical about them all, even the ones with pure hearts and good intentions.


I’ve seen people battling this issue.


At the end, they end up not settling down with anyone. Sometimes, they become chronic womanizers.


E be tinz!


Just try find a balance, e get why.



My personal rule Number1 that has always worked for me is – Be Yourself 💯, Be Valuable, and…Neva Settle for less.


“Don’t buy things you can’t afford

with money you don’t have to impress people” – anonymous.


What’s the point sef?


Being You is very easy, effortless, and free.


But, when you try to be who you are not… you’d create a fake image, losing your flavor that makes you a unique person in the process.


Aside trying to maintain the fake image with presence, lies and other things at your discomfort


… you’d be attracting the wrong people to yourself.


And as time goes by, you won’t be able to keep up with the fake life anymore, and they’d get to see you for who you really are.


What would happen next?


…they’d start to discard you like trash. Cos they’d know you’ve been fake.


They won’t trust you anymore.


Then you wee na abe shouting “fake friends everywhere” and other motivational quotes to support your stupidity. (Ekpa!)


No, it’s not their fault.


The problem is you.


You lied!


You were too weak be your original self (shame on you!) 😑

They were attracted to who they thought you were – due to the fake image you projected from the start.


And when they leave your fake low self esteemed self, you’d be back to square zero.


And at this point, some people would realize their mistake and turn a new leaf, while others, they’d continue to look for a new set of people to impress with their fake life.




Just be a better human, attract your kind, and let those that don’t like you go fuck themselves!


Know this…


At your best, you’ll be the worst  and unappreciated by someone/people that don’t like you.


While at your worst, you’d be the best and be appreciated by someone/people that like you.


Remember, your value isn’t tied to someone’s opinion of you. 😉

Broda, know your role in life sha. You’re a provider, normally.


Your baby/wifey is an angel, and you should make your home a paradise for yourselves. (E Get Why) 😊


The fact say she get your back and dey support you no mean say make you lazy, lose focus n abandon your responsibilities o. 😉


If you find a good woman, treat her with love, respect and care like the queen that she is.


No go use your hand trophy your own gold o, cos good women are assets, and they are scarce to find.


Spoil her n support her growth – emotionally, mentally, financially, and otherwise- without her asking.


The fact say she dey take care of herself no mean say you no go take care of your baby. (No try am o)


Know what she likes and… (use your brain complete am) 😁


Just treat your lady right and love her unconditionally.


E no mean say misunderstandings no go dey once-once o.


Issues are bound to pop-up once in a while, but, try to understand yourselves better and talk things out.


Simple conversations would clear out most issues. Communication is key.


If you guys ignore your differences and use sex/gifts to settle without resolving the bone of contention – the issue would keep on repeating itself.


And, when the grudges keep piling up, it would get to a point where it’d explode, and when it does, it may result in something drastic later on.


Not all relationships would lead to marriage sha.


It’s meant to be a compatibility test.


Don’t fucking accept to settle down with someone that’s not compatible with you – that’d be 1 of your biggest regrets in life.


Don’t settle down in the hope that they’d change as time goes on – no try am sef..


Yeah, there’s room for comprises here and there, but, not to things that threatens your peace of mind and sanity.


You can’t wash the spots of a leopard’s skin- even if use jik or hypo sef ( shey you get)


Lemme end my soro soke here today fess.


Remember, the law of attraction works.


Strive to be a better human, be heavy on personal development.


And don’t forget to be Yourself 💯.


Not everyone is meant to like you, and that’s perfectly okay.


I dun talk pass wetin I plan to talk sef – but…


It’s all good!




Stay sharp,


Efe 🗣✍🏾


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