Let’s talk about Hygiene

It still surprises me to see people who haven’t taken care of themselves get into relationships.


E dey amaze me.


When I say care, I mean the basics.


Some guys would keep nails like hawks… pile of dirty clothes… leave their rooms unkempt, and they think the most important thing for them is getting into relationship.


Some of my gender no care about their personal hygiene sef.


Some, na only when dem dey expect babes or visitors dem tey dey tidy their apartment to impress.


On a normal day, their house be like pigs.


Nor be to wear designers and ball o, you NEAT?


I mean, you neat both INSIDE and OUTSIDE?


Some people sabi package, if you see their drip your mind go dey, but… if you see their ap… or dem remove clothes…


Your interest go diee instanta.


E go con worse if boy wey dirty con go date girl wey dirty too… perfume dey cry. Who wan help change who?


… and if their relationship con lead to marriage, how their children go be?


I think we should get the basic things of our life in order fess before we think about getting into relationships. E Get Why.


Relationship is more than knacks n cruise o.


You see how unkempt some adults are and you’d be tempted to asked who raised them… dem just dey disgrace themselves and their parents for free.


Some parents are innocent sha, but, I think most of them fail to imbibe the importance of adopting a hygienic lifestyle on their kids.


They couldn’t influence or live by example, and so, they became bad role models by default– maybe, because their own parents failed them in that aspect too.


And since they can’t pour from an empty cup, they’d pass on same traits to their kids.


This is the reason I think every adult needs to re-parent themselves. [ topic for another day].




Grooming is an essential part of our lives that most people overlook or pay less attention to.


Take care of yourself!

You don’t have to own the world to take care of your body. For your own good o.


Even if you broke, groom yourself.


Make yourself and your space dey comfortable for your and others, if at all.


Even if na 1 room you get, tidy am well, make e always dey neat and smell nice – you go like yourself.


If you no fit maintain yourself when you get small things, you no go still maintain yourself even if you get big things.


Start to maintain yourself with wetin you get, from where you dey, and everything go start to jell for you.

Stay Sharp,


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