Are You Prepared For The New Era?

Today’s gonna mark the beginning of a new era in Nigeria.


I mean, today is the inauguration of the newly elected president.


Hope you’re preparing yourself ( emotionally, mentally, physically, and spiritually) for the journey ahead?


You should.




The universe is always speaking to you, you just have to listen.


Leave the noise and distractions of:

– social media

– mindless scrolling

– engaging in meaningless conversations, or

– indulging in self destructive or no value activities.




Focus on becoming a better you so that you can attract quality people, and quality opportunities to yourself.




Let me use this opportunity to remind you that your life and success isn’t in the hands of anybody or government.


Your life and growth are in your hands.


It’s the things “you do”  or “do not do”  that’d guarantee your success or failure, in life.




If you join the majority of people in prophesying hardship for yourselves in the next 4 -8 years… 


Then don’t be surprised when your self-fulfilling prophecy comes to pass – and gets you down like a loser.


Remember, no weapon formed against you shall prosper, but…


The weapon you form against yourself by negative self-talk/beliefs, or engaging in self destructive activities- shall prosper.


Know this,


There are people whose  trajectory will change from nothing into something  without political affiliation, in this new era.




There are some who’ll go from grace to grass in this era – because of their self-sabotaging beliefs.


Why am I telling you this?


Because I want you to mind what you tell yourself.


Your subconscious is like farmland, and your thoughts and affirmations are its seeds.


Your subconscious would nurture the seeds you plant in it, and make it manifest in real life.


So, if you’re telling yourself that things will be hard in this new government…


You’re indirectly crippling your innovative spirit, and shutting the doors of opportunities that are opened to you.




If you believe that this era will be the best one for you yet – then you’re planting seeds of positivity in your subconscious, and…


They’ll blossom to give you fruits of:

✅ innovation

✅ profitable ideas, and 

✅ limitless opportunities.


Your life is in your hands ( thoughts and actions).


Make the best of it.


Affirm positivity into your life, and… keep on developing yourself to become highly valuable.




Because money flows to valuable people, effortlessly, regardless of any economic situation, government, or background.


So, I want you to remove yourself from the herd.



Affirm, and

Act your way into living a fulfilling life.


Will you?




As for Me, Myself, and I – EVERYTHING shall work for:

👉🏾 My good

👉🏾 Continued improvement, and 

👉🏾 Success.


The universe will take care of me in all areas of life.


And that’s because I’m not lucky…


I’m Blessed!


And I’ll keep on sharing my light with the world till the day I take my last breath.


Have a great week ahead.


Stay Sharp,



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