A Note From Me To All Writers

When I was younger, I heard the saying, “The pen is mightier than the sword”.


But I never understood the weight of those words until now.


Writers have such a significant influence in this world.


There are so many days on the calendar, but today is the International Writer’s Day!




Dear writer, I want to use this medium to remind you that – you’re so special.


You rock!


We rock!


Over the years, music and books have been my consistent companions.


Sometimes, I see some books and smile for no reason.


I’m thankful for the works of excellent writers that have helped me at different phases of my life.


Kudos to all the writers in the world – both living and the dead, whose books, poems, and articles have changed and are still changing people’s lives for the better.


Writers equip us with the knowledge we need to navigate through life.


They put their years of experience, failures, frustrations, and successes into writing to help us in different areas of life.


How selfless and sweet!


Dear writer,


The world gave us great power: the power of words.


And with power comes significant responsibilities.


Use your power to shape the world.


It doesn’t matter where you are—you can use your words’ power to transform people’s lives worldwide.


Words have power; we are in charge of that power as writers.
Use it well.


As a writer, I understand the power of writing.

I’m a “word-bender”.


I mean, I have the rare ability to write words to:
– make sales
– tell stories
– inspire or motivate others
– clear my mind, think clearly, and become a better version of myself.
– build and nurture great relationships


I’m privileged to be a writer.


And I promise to use the power it gives me to help make the world better.


To all the writers, thank you for shaping the world with the power of your words.


Don’t ever stop.


It’s our responsibility, bestowed on us by the universe.


Remember, everyone can write, but not everyone is a writer.


Use your writing ability to influence real growth and positivity—locally and globally.


“The pen is mightier than the sword.”


But, since we are in the digital era, here’s my new version…


“The keyboard is mightier than all ammunition.”


Use yours well.


Stay Sharp,


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