Is it lonely at top?

They say “it’s lonely at the top”?

I don’t think so sha.

If all my gees dey solid like me and all of us push and support each other till we reach the top, how e wan tey lonely for the top? 😀

Na who no carry people along when e dey in position to – go dey lonely for the top. 💔

And if anything do am for dat top, nobody go dey to support, rescue, or defend am.

You may think money is everything till you get into life issues that would make all the money in the world seem useless.

Just dey pray to avoid those kine situations cos e go humble and show you pepper at the same time.

Some people are so poor all they have is money. [ Read this again, slowly]

Back to the matter.

I think the place where the real and painful loneliness is – is at the bottom.

Where you find yourself down the ladder of life, goalless, and purpose-less.

At the bottom life would ask you “What have you been doing with your time, energy, attention, and resources?”

And your failure to give a valid answer would hurt you harder than a slap, because…

You’ll realize you’ve fucked up your life!

You’ll feel painful loneliness at the bottom when you realize your peers you started with – who paid the price for growth are doing well in their various fields.

It’s lonely at the bottom, don’t go there.

But if you’re already there, don’t stay there.

Plan your escape now.

Okay, you may have fucked up and wasted part of your life.

You can’t undo that, but…

It’s not too late to start afresh, even if you’ll have to face some consequences for your previous mistakes.

You need to start taking actions that’d move you from the lonely bottom of life.

Bro/Sis, nobody wants to associate with a failure.

And if you’re at the bottom, don’t be surprised when people give flimsy excuses to avoid meeting or associating with you.

No be their fault.

Failure no get relatives, shey you get?

And that’s why you gat to give everything you have to develop yourself and refine your mind to become valuable, and more valuable.

That’s how you move to the top.

When you’re valuable, you’ll become a magnet to great people, solid resources, and hidden opportunities.

When you’re valuable, people will be eager to associate with, support, or transact with you – regardless of your gender, race, or religion.

Becoming valuable is your fastest vehicle out of the bottom.

And while this may take time, it’s worth it 💯.

Becoming valuable or successful is not cheap.

You’ve got to pay the price for it.

The prices may include:
– cutting ties with unproductive friends
– Stopping some bad habits
– Developing positive habits
– reading
– unlearning and relearning
– developing self-discipline, and
– Staying focused and determined

As I said, becoming valuable and successful is not cheap.

If you want it, you’ve got to decide to pay the prices – and start paying it now, not later.

Pay it now while you still have the time and chance to – tomorrow may be too late or overwhelming for you.

Every day, you always have a choice to stay at the bottom or take a step to the top.

And before I drop my pen for now, I want to remind you that…

It’s lonely at the bottom. Don’t go or stay there.

E Get Why.

Stay Sharp,

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