Are you a parent, or an older sibling? Read this

Some parents are too busy or too shy to give their children real OTs about life, sex, associations, and other tips that’d help them navigate life easily.

They fail to give their children OTs because:

They think their children are too young to handle the hard talks, or…

They think they want them to reach a certain age before they have those conversations.

Or because they don’t know how to start the conversation without looking weird or sounding awkward.

Or because they weren’t given OTs by their parents, so they don’t see the need to.

The thing is…

While any of the above may be a valid reason (excuse), leaving children to figure some things out on their own in this technologically advanced era of ours could be dangerous.

I mean, they could choose to learn from the wrong sets of people, and whatever they learn while they’re at their highly impressionable age could stick with them – and greatly influence their:
– thoughts
– decisions, and
– actions.

Can you see where the problem would start from?

With the millions of uncensored nudity… languages… visuals… videos… toxic pieces of advice… and negative influencers hovering over the internet…

If parents and older siblings fail to guard, teach, and protect their children or younger ones from the toxicity and negativity on the internet world,

Those young ones would grow up with a damaged mindset, and corrupt mentality, and become slaves to toxic habits and cultures in the guise of being “woke”.

Just like a gun – the internet and smartphone are neutral.

Both can be used for good causes or cause serious damage – depending on the holder’s intention.

While a gun can be used to hunt and destroy criminals…

The same gun can be used to cause homicide if it’s in the wrong hands.

… So is the internet/smartphone!

While it can be used to develop one’s mind and help one become more efficient…

It can also be used to waste one’s time and get addicted to useless shows/videos/events, and meaningless conversations.

While some people are using their smartphones to get smarter… others are allowing their smartphones to get them dumber.

If you’re a parent or you’ve got younger ones, you owe it to them to give them solid OTs that’d help them to be informed and aware of the distractions, chaos, and toxicity in the world.

Teach them to rear, think, and protect their energy from energy vampires who may be disguised as friends, relatives, acquaintances, or influencers.

It’s one of the best things you can do for them in their formative age.

So that they won’t learn from the wrong sources, go online, and be disgracing your family online.

Sometimes you’d see some people say or do some things online and you’d be wondering if everything is okay at home…

Or if they were raised by rational parents.

E be tins!

Keep developing yourself, share values, and enlighten the young and uninformed ones around you.

E Get Why.

You can’t save everyone, but… You can save the ones that want to be saved – if they’re talked to, advised, or admonished with value.

Abi make I create offer to help parents and guardians give their children and wards hard talk and solid OT to help them become better teenagers/adults?

See business idea fess o.

And e go sell because I’d be doing it with all my heart, body, and soul. 💯

Personal development is something I’m obsessed and passionate about, so e go be like earning from my hobby.

Eh God!


I wish that everyone embraces personal development and discipline as part of their lifestyle.

It’d prevent lots of avoidable drama, problems, and consequences.

Stay Sharp,

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