The friend of a rich man vs the friend of a thief

“A friend of a rich is not a rich man, But a friend to a thief is a thief” – so they said- here’s what I think.

Not all friends of the rich man are rich or will be rich because – some won’t ask for a blueprint of his wealth, rather…

They’d be after handouts and begging for daily bread.

It’s the mindset of the friends that’d determine what they’d get from him, and how he’d categorize them.

While some friends would prove to be valuable by giving him some:
– useful ideas
– genuine biz opportunities,
– sound advice, and
– legit investment plans

Other of his friends would be all about how they can spend and waste money on women, alcohol, parties, drugs, and other meaningless adventures.

Some of the friends would be looking for how to get money from him through corny ways or bad investment schemes.

Some would want to engage him in conversations to know how his mind works and know the process they’d follow to achieve financial success like him too.

As you can see, they’re all friends of the rich man, but their attitude and mindset would place them in different ranks of importance to him.

While some would get to be rich like him due to their hunger for growth and willingness to put in the work… others would remain “entitled” or “beggars” who’d keep on asslicking just to get handouts.

So, not all rich man’s friends would be rich.

Some would be good to him for running errands… gist… or company for gisting and catching cruise.

While some would be called to close business deals, brainstorm ideas, and make things happen.

If you’re rich, you’ll know the category of each of your friends.

You’ll know the ones that add value to your life and the ones that just want to take from you.

But if you’re a friend of a rich person, ask yourself which category you belong in their priority list – are you an asset or a liability to them?

Answer the question and do what you gats do.

Be valuable!

And the friend of a thief is a thief because of the power of influence and association.

A thief is mostly think about:
– what to steal
– who to steal from
– when to steal
– where to steal, and
– how to steal

So, if you’re a friend of a thief, it means you’d be assisting him in stealing one way or the other.

Even if you’ve never stole anything from anyone before, rolling with a thief makes you a thief by association.

Because it’s either you’ll be trying to make him/her stop stealing, or he’d be trying to talk you into joining his/her trade.

… and considering the power of negative influence over a good one, we already know which force would dominate the other/quicker.

The friend of a thief is a thief!

Na why if you dey sell white, you no suppose dey allow person wey dey use hand rub charcoal to stain your white because e go show say you no value yourself or your business.

Your reputation is the cloth here.

Guard and protect it with your life.

Don’t allow anyone to stain your reputation, the stigma may stick with you for life.

Stay Sharp,

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