Live life, die without regrets

“Live life… die without regrets.”


One thing I’ve realized is that, the youth phase is the formative or foundation of our lives.


Talk about “as you make your bed, so you lie on it.”


Most old people who live in regrets today, are experiencing the consequences of the actions they made in their youth.


Dem make their bed carelessly at the expense of their old age.


And when they get old, they wish they could turn back the hands of time to right their wrongs.


We are humans, we’re prone to making mistakes, I know.


But, there are some mistakes we could avoid if we think about the long-term effect of our actions or inactions.


I think the best way to live life is to prioritize our actions.


See them as currencies and memories.


Every action you take is a deposit in your memory bank – whether good or bad.


And the thing about memories is that, most times, they don’t fade away.


They’d be kept somewhere, waiting for time to come back to either give you joy, or haunt you.


The outcome would be based on your doinz that generated em.


The way around this is… before taking any action, ask yourself- will the memory of this act give me joy or pain later in life?


Do this, and you’ll save yourself from some premium and sifia pains later on in life.


Use this gift of youth to make the bed you’ll enjoy at old age.


Many of the things we’re wasting our time, resources, and energy on now – won’t even matter in 5-10 years from now.


So, what’s the point in engaging in them, when some of them may even have a negative effect on us, later?




There are some things I wish I knew earlier, but… it’s all good.


Had to make those mistakes to get here, I guess. Nothing spoil!


That’s why I tend to share, to help someone out there to avoid some kinda mistakes. No be say na me sabi pass.


Heck, I’m still a fvcking learner in this school of life!


But, we grow by learning and sharing.


Live life, die without regrets.


May the consequences of the actions you take today be a sweet one that’ll comfort you in your old age, not pains.


I know say nor be everybody go reach old age sha.


But, what if you reach am, how e go be?


Old age no be beans o.


As we get older, we tend to drift apart from people, consciously or unconsciously.


Sometimes due to work… change of priorities… distance… mindset shift… ,etc.


You may not realize now though.


You may think life would continue to be the same as it is now, but…


When your black hair starts welcoming gray strands among them…


When this your vibrant body starts getting feeble.


When you can no longer do most things you used to do without assistance…


You’ll remember this words I’m telling you now.

Make the most of your youth now.
E Get Why


Stay Sharp,



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