They don’t want you to think

Critical thinking skills should be taught in schools, but the government won’t approve of it, I guess.




Because they know if most people know how to think, they won’t be easily manipulated anymore…


And the government would no longer have the slave-and-master relationship with the masses anymore.


That’s their greatest fear.


For people to have the ability to think  thoroughly.


The government won’t even survive it, because then, the masses would know exactly what to do to chase them out of their offices and end their rulership. 


This is why everyone should equip themselves with the armour of knowledge, and ability to think… through self-education.


Remove yourself from the programmed herd and the matrix.


Have been seeing news of people destroying bank’s ATM machines, properties, and other things and I do smh.


Most of them don’t think.


Because if they do, they’d channel their anger to the right sources and people who have the ability to change the situation.


Dem dey scatter bank, and people wey effect the rule dey cruise around without stress.


Na the same people go still give the same youths money make dem snatch ballot boxes for them when election day reach.


Who con be the real mumu government or the youths?


The properties and properties they’re destroying aren’t government owned sef.


Even if na government own, to destroy dem go make dem change the law?


After the destruction, the solution dun come now?


Na where many people tey dey loose guard be dat.


Although the fuel and naira scarcity is a ploy to destabilise the citizens before the election, for election malpractice to be carried out effectively…


I believe channelling the anger to the main culprits is the way to go.


Those banks atm machines wey dem destroy so, na dem fit still suffer am las las.


The government dey use the happenings dey gauge people reaction and strategize well ahead.


No surprise say on election day, dem fit go hire people, give them military uniforms, and dispatch them go the zones wey dey hot now…


Give them order to shoot anybody wey wan talk or protest against any form of malpractice dat day.


E no hard dem do.


After all, dem only care about themselves and family.


Bunch of inconsiderate bastards!


Use your brain o.


Learn to use am well to your advantage and growth.


Remove yourself from the majority of the “unthinking masses”.



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