Enjoy The Process Of Growth

Life is in stages,
Men are in phases,
And growth is constant.

The fact that you can’t do or afford certain things now doesn’t mean you can’t do/afford them forever.

Take a chill pill, buddy.

Yes, I know the destination is to go UP.
To get the success, big goals and accolades


What’s the point of jumping up (shortcut) when the plan is to stay up?

… Isn’t it better to grow up (follow the process) than to jump up?

Growing up will do one thing for you..

It’ll help you develop your capacity to stay up there, and give you the ability to go back up should you fall down.

But if you jump up…

You’ll crash down.


I want you to follow the process of growth.

Don’t despise your little beginning.

The way UP is Down, so…

Keep pushing on.

Don’t live to impress –
live to impact.

Sometimes, life no too hard laidat -na we dey complicate am.

Use your brain to make your life easy,
not to make it harder.

I’m rooting for you.

Stay Sharp,

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