Personal Development: Treat Yourself Like Your Smartphone

Life will be better if we all treat ourselves like our smartphones.

I mean…

If we’re intentional about:
– charging
– recharging, and
– upgrading our minds

… like we do our devices, the quality of our lives will become better.

When your phone’s battery is low, you look for a means to charge it to prevent it from going off, yeah?


How about your phone’s operating system (OS)?

You try your best to upgrade it to the latest version so that you can enjoy the new features,right?


Quick question…

Do you treat your mind like that?

Are you intentional about improving and upgrading the quality of your mind so that you can operate efficiently?

What’s your minddset like?

Are you using an analog (archaic) mindset in a digital(evolving) world?

When was the last time you;
– bought a book
– paid for a training, or
– invested in some coaching/seminar?


When was the last you read,digested, and implemented lessons you got from a high
quality book?

What is the quality of your mind like:
– new
– old, or
– just there?


Personal development is a MUST for anyone who wants to survive and thrive in this chaotic world filled with noise and distractions.


If you are not intentional about your growth and developing your mind…

You’ll keep on operating with an obsolete mindset in this digital era

…and you’ll continue to struggle and feel frustrated because of the mismatch
between your mindset and reality.

Omo, dem no go tell you these things for school o.

You’ve got to be INTENTIONAL with your growth and advancement in life.

Stand out from the crowd.

Remove yourself from the masses who are living their lives according to societal script which keeps them average and mediocre for life.

You’re not mediocre or average.

You’re meant to do great things and make an impact in the world.

And that’s why you need to unfollow the crowd.

To do so…

You have to start paying the price for your growth.

Paying the price will require you to do the:
– boring
– unsexy
– unpopular

… things that’ll give you an edge in the world.

Are you ready to pay the price?

The PRICE is what separates the successful people of the world from the average people.

Many people run away from activities like reading, taking courses, working out or partaking in activities that’ll transform their minds and lives because…

They seem boring.

Too bad!

The thing is,

In a world where instant gratification and cheap dopamine rush is the new cool…

You’ve got to be disciplined and do the boring, hard, and unsexy stuff that’ll improve the quality of your:

– life
– career
– business

E Get Why.

We only die once, but…

If we fail to develop our minds to stay Sharp, we’ll die a thousand times before the main death.

It shouldn’t be like that.

So, be intentional with your growth and treat yourself/mind like your smartphone.

Always be recharging and upgrading it so that you’ll operate with a superior knowledge and mindset that’ll give you a winning edge in the world.

I’m rooting for you.

Stay Sharp,

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