The Best Type Of Ignorance

Sometimes, ignorance is bliss.

Other times, ignorance is disaster.

But for me…

I think selective ignorance is the best kinda ignorance.

I don’t have to know anything about everything.

The goal is to only know about stuffs that pertains to my growth… protect me from danger… and reduce my mistakes/regrets rate in life.

Make the rest info dey encyclopedia until. 😃

I’d google them when I need em.

I don’t have to have an idea or an opinion about everything, and that’s perfectly fine.

Last time I checked ” I don’t know” isn’t a crime.


Some people go dey cram useless information wey dem no need full their head.

How fresh and useful info wan tey enta?

I think this is one of the problems of our educational institutions.

Dem go make students study courses wey dem no need and call am “borrowed course”.

If everything normal before,
Wetin concern banking and finance student with animal husbandry or applied science courses?

Shey every department suppose focus on their main courses for effective learning, understanding, and growth?

But, nobody go talk about am.

Sorry some people could pass all their main courses but getting a carryover in a borrowed course could stop them from graduating with their peers.


How did we get here?

How do we expect to grow with such backward systems and structures?

I know say some people go talk say…. their mates wey graduate and pass all the courses, dem get 2 head??

Na dat kine thinking dey spoil the country more so, real matter.

We don’t question things, and that’s why we won’t grow if we don’t start to question some norms.

The thing is…

There’s what’s supposed to be:
– specialized knowledge
– generic knowledge.

So if one passes all the main courses in their field, but failed a borrowed course – does that make them a failure?

Omo, our institutions dey make life hard for most students.

Don’t even wanna talk about some lecturers that feels like demigods and make things even harder for some students.


What’s the point of glorifying suffering as students or for students??

Most of the courses people study in higher institutions aren’t even useful in real life sef.

I think they are just there as a means of generating cash for the institutions and lecturers- through school fees, sales of textbooks and other gbo-gbo-yen.

Many things need to change- but,

where we go start from… Who go start am?

In a country where a vice that favors a few is called it grace… while those it affects calls it oppression and wickedness.

Anyhow e be sha, try liberate yourself o.

Develop and refine your min to grow,
for your own good.


The power that be prefer you to be uninformed and docile – so that you can be easily controlled.

It’s 1:35 AM now, and 2024 is less than 22 hours away.

If you want to start the new year strong…

Invest your time, energy, attention and resources to develop yourself- so you can BECOME a superior version of yourself that’ll achieve the success you need.

Don’t fill your mind with useless information that’d contaminate or reduce the quality of your mind.


I’m rooting for you, my friend.

Stay Sharp,

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