Get Rich or Die Trying

What came into your mind when you read the headline?

Was it engaging in drugs… crime… fraud, or other social vices to make money, or what?

Well, if your thought was in line with any of the above, I won’t blame you, I understand.

I guess that was the image the originator of the phrase, Curtis ’50 Cents Jackson, painted in your mind; with his songs and movies.

I used to think like that too, at some point in time… till I pondered over it.

50 Cent has been one of my favorite artists, growing up.

“Go shorty (shordy), it’s your birthday, we gon party like – itz you baiday..” haha.


I liked the guy so much that when I wore a Tommy Hilfiger shorts ( boxers ) for the first time… I thought I had made it in life.

Yess na, I dey wear the same boxer wey 50 cent dey wear for him videos (bragging rights) 💔😅

I wasn’t anyone’s mate again, abeg. Those were my childish thoughts, then.. ( what did I know?)


I used every opportunity to flaunt the Hilfiger.

Thinking of those memories cracks me up- all the fvcking time! 😅


No be small tin we do when we dey small o. �


That’s life for you, dat phase dun pass.


That’s not the topic of today, let’s FOCUS.


When 50 said ‘Get Rich or Die Trying ‘, here’s what I think…


Strive to be financially free or suffer till you die.

Do you know why?

Cos money is a vital tool in this journey of life.

No, it’s not everything, but it kinda makes almost everything easy.

According to the Holy book,

“For wisdom is a defense, and money is a defense: but the excellency of knowledge is, that wisdom giveth life to them that have it.”


Money is a defense; having it would save you from lots of Bullshit in life.

Don’t let anyone make you think being broke and poor is holy… use plank knack dat person head, or deck him left eye. Rawbish!

Na those people with misinformed idea about money go tell you say – Bible say, ” money is the root of all evil ”


Na so bible tell you?

It’s “the love of it” that’s the root of evil.

Bro/Sis, in all your getting, get money o. [ E get Why]


Even one place for Bible talk say, “Money answereth all things.”

But, use your iroro ( brain) tey choose your path to securing the bag sha.

Because even the same Bible nai talk say,

” Dishonest money dwindles away, but whoever gathers money little by little makes it grow.”

You gerrit?

Use your brain!

I’m not putting pressure on you to make money…  nah.

I’m just making you understand that WE need money to make living life Easy.

Because, even the Good Book says, ” A wise man thinks ahead; a fool doesn’t, and even brags about it!”

Aghwanre101! (Sense101) 😃


Have you ever been in a position where you see those beggars around, and get angry?

Like… you are not really angry with them per se, but, you are angry with yourself; because you’d have loved to assist them but…

You just can’t, because you need help, yourself, and…

Who naked nor dey shook hand for pocket. ( shey you gerrit)

E Be Tinz.

Seeing them makes you remember that you need to step up, financially, because…

You’re destined to help some people and make them see the headway in life.

You get my point, right?

How can you live your life to the fullest without money? ( You can’t fit it!)


Lemme remind you;

There’s no dignity in living in penury. 

You’d have very limited options in life without money.




Being broke, poor, and settling for an average life doesn’t make you a good or holy person ( Efe said it)

…and that’s why you should Get Rich or die trying.

Fun Fact: You can make crazy money, Legitimately, too, (if you want to)

Money makes the world go round.


How do you intend to live life without having money sef?

… you wanna be dependent on people all the days of your life? ( no be so na)

You can do better, comrade!

You don’t need to be a burden to others; when you have all it takes to earn, and become financially independent- yourself.


Sometimes, things could get rough and you could seek assistance from family or friends, but…

That’s different from making begging and leeching on others your lifestyle, or trademark. 

Get money!

Look at the less privileged ones around, the orphans, and those who are fighting for their lives in different hospitals; don’t you wish to assist them?

Some people starved to death because they couldn’t afford food.

How do you feel when you can’t afford the basic things of life for yourself?

How do you feel when your parents/siblings/friends/others- request assistance, but you can’t… because you’re broke…


You feel helpless and annoyed, right?

That’s why you need to make money!

You’re not responsible for anybody, I know.


…don’t you think the world would be a better place if everyone is their brother’s/sister’s keeper?


But, how can you contribute to the ‘genuine financial needs’ of those around you, when your financial condition is in a mess, too?

I used genuine because I’ve come to realize that some people would just bill you for fun or to support a lifestyle they can’t afford.�

Too bad!

You need money to:

… live your life to the fullest..  do your thing… pay your bills… afford your Wants & Needs… and… support your family/friends/ others.


You’d do more good if you have money, than without it.

Hustle o!

I find it funny when I see that some people tend to assume the term ‘hustle’ is synonymous with fraud. (O wrong nau)

No be so nau.

Hustle is synonymous to work/grind.

In whatever you do; Grind for a better life!

Whatever route you choose; remember – Life’s all about Cause and Effects. �

… What comes easy won’t last… what’d last won’t always come easy.

And, remember, you can’t cheat nature.

The seeds (actions) you sow now would grow and bear fruits ( effects) later – whether good or bad.


May your temporary ‘cruise n enjoyment’ of today, not be the cause of your nightmares and downfall, tomorrow.

About making money…

Why won’t you even try to get rich sef?

Are you comfy living in penury?

Do you know the number of lives you’d touch, positively, if you are well to do now?

Nah, you just didn’t come to this life to watch others live their best life, while you just exist and stay in the shadow and die. ( o wrong nau)

Get Rich or Die Trying.

The thing is,

…getting rich doesn’t happen overnight.

You’ve got to have something valuable (product or service) to offer to the public, to get the money coming.

Try to be a VALUABLE person or die while trying to be one.

Once life sees how persistent and focused you are about making money, it won’t allow you to die.

It’d open the doors of opportunities and connections that’d make you attain the riches and wealth you seek.


The “or die trying” is what scares 80% of people away, and makes them settle for an average life, when they could be More.

“Die trying” is you honing your skills, improving on your products to deliver the best value for your customers/clients.

No, it’s not a do or die affair.

For me, ‘Get Rich or Die Trying’ is showing up everyday- to achieve your goals; no matter how tough life situations could get.

You can’t achieve anything great in life- if you don’t make an attempt or take action.

You don’t know how far you could get – till you TRY.

You can change the trajectory of your life- if you make deliberate efforts to crush your goals ; daily. (Try!)


E no go easy o, but, where there’s a will; there’d be a way.

I’m rooting for you.


Stay Sharp,


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