Mind your business?

“Mind your business,” they say, but…

If we all mind our businesses and close our eyes to the rise in mediocrity and stupidity…

Then we’ll have no right to complain or feel helpless when the unavoidable consequences of our decision come biting.

Mind your business? Yes.

But contributing to the growth of a society is everyone’s business, yeah?

Okay, what are you doing in your small space to enhance growth?

Is minding your business at the expense of societal decay a good way to live?

If the great men who stood for causes that changed the narratives of societies minded their businesses, then…

What would life have been like now?

Omo, wise up o.

Don’t let the fear of what would people say stop you from developing yourself and trying to carry others along.


You’re as good, bad, strong, or weak as the people in your circle.

If you’re the only one who’s developing yourself, and you’re watching your pals regress because you’re minding your business…

What does that speak of you?

No be my mouth you go tey hear say “you be selfish and wicked person” o.

It’s everyone’s business to want the best things in life, but… if we make it our business to help each other grow collectively…

We’ll all have the best things in life and live in a blissful world.

If everywhere good for everybody, shebi crime rate go reduce?

But, if you no join contribute your quota make everywhere for good for society cos you dey mind your business…

Even if you get everything, you no go still dey safe cos eyes go dey on you and everything you get.

What’s the point of having everything but live in fear because the ills you fail to stop earlier have become the greatest threat to you and everything you have, or intend to have?

See, what goes around comes around – that’s a universal rule.

Look at it from this angles…

What if that babe you’re encouraging or enabling to be lazy and hoe around now – for your selfish desire ends up getting married to your favorite friend or relative.

And when they end up together, she causes him mental and emotional damage because she lacks the capacity to build a home due to the lifestyle you contributed in helping her build…

Won’t it affect you indirectly, too?


What if the guy you are pressured to make money by illegal means, and in the process of making the money…

He got into drugs, broke up with you, and ends up getting married to your favorite sister or friend.

And when they end up together, he starts abusing her physically and emotionally because he lacks the values to keep a home.

Won’t it affect you, indirectly, too?

I know life is not a movie where things play out like this all the time, but…

They do happen in real life, yeah?

What if it happens to you?


I know you don’t want to be a victim of your action or decision.

That’s why I want us to the things we can do now – to reduce your regrets later in life?

Still wanna mind your business?


Good luck.

Stay Sharp,

P.S. This post is not about people’s affairs unnecessary.

I know you’re smart enough to figure it out, but I’m just reminding you so you don’t misunderstand the context.

Don’t keep quiet about anything or anyone that has the potential to cause great harm against you or the society – now or later.

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