Are You A Lazy THINKER?

The presidential election has come and gone, but…


If you’re observant, you’d notice some people are already claiming hardship for themselves for the next 4-8 years.

It’s sad to see. 💔🤦🏾‍♂️


The painful part is that some of these people are learned, matured, and reputable.


I think the problem is that…


They don’t THINK.


Yes, I mean if they think enough, they’d know that affirming those wrong words into their lives would affect them negatively.


Words have power ⚡⚡!


Our words have the power to make or destroy us.


Be careful what you wish for, for it may come in abundance.


Don’t affirm negativity into your because you see others doing it.


Stop it!


You don’t have to follow everything- without first filtering it to know if it’s suitable for you.


Don’t follow the herd.


You’re different.


It’d help you filter what you feed your mind.


What you feed your mind would determine the quality of your thoughts…


The quality of your thoughts would determine the quality of your decisions and actions.


And guess what?


It’s the quality of your decisions and actions that’d determine the quality of your life – whether #successful, average, or mediocre.


Do you see why it’s important to think?


It’s a life must-have skill.


It’d give you an edge over people who don’t.


Don’t be a lazy thinker.


Don’t outsource your thinking to other people, social media, or trends.


God gave us brains for a reason.


Use it!


As for Me, Myself, and I…


I’m in a “Everything is working out for my good” mood.


I believe this will be my best year yet.


The universe, everything, and everyone in it will work for my good, and help achieve my goals in life.


I’ll never attach my happiness or success in life to the administration of any government. Never.


I’ll take responsibility for my growth, mistakes, and success.


Success is available for everyone who wants it badly enough.


President or no president, if I follow the natural principles  of success and pay the price  required of me…


I’ll become liberated in all areas of life – physically, emotionally, financially, and otherwise.


I refuse to think and act like the masses.


I’m free from mental slavery.


I think!


I’ll think and act my way to success, growth,  and a fulfilled life.


You should, too.


My goal in life is to achieve personal autonomy, and help as many people as I can to achieve the same through my words… actions… and everything else.


Remember to THINK.


Don’t destroy your own success and growth with the wrong words, affirmations, or attitude.


I hope this helps.

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