Dear Today

Dear Today, 


it feels good to meet you.


Unlike the other days, you look sweet and chic.


Most Nigerians have been waiting for you – like the second coming of Jesus.


Dem dey ginger.


They wan take power from one party, give am to another party!


E get why sha.


Current government dun move mad plenty times and make somethings things unnecessarily difficult.


So, their reason make sense.


But, most of dem dey forget say these politicians be like beans.


All of them na the same thing, just dat some dey disguise in form of akara, while others disguise in form of moi-moi. 


Well, to each his or her preference sha.


For me, I feel indifferent about those politicians and their gimmicks.


I feel sad for people that expect too much from those guys, cos they’d continue to feel heartbroken- year in, year out.


Most of them forget to reason that one man can’t fix the economic damages the previous administrations have caused, miraculously,  in 4 years, or even 8.


Or, do you think so too?


Do you believe one man can come and clear the mess that Nigeria is in, without proper structures in place… or cooperation of everyone?


I don’t think so.


I’m an optimistic person, but I’m a realist too.


The problem is…


Most Nigerians don’t want real change, they want magic or instant miracles.


That’s why they’re easily swayed by politicians who promise to make their wishes come true. A well sugar-coated lie.


I wish that more innocent Nigerians don’t become casualties of the motherfvcking polithiefcians today.


No politician is worth getting slapped, abused, wounded, or dying for. NONE.


If you’re going out to vote, please, stay safe out there.


Try to avoid being a victim of circumstance.


E Get Why.


If e burst, protect your head…


May the spirit of Usain Bolt and Tobi Amusan fall upon your legs – to help you run to a safe spot. 


I hope it doesn’t get to that though. 


But stay on guard regardless.


Don’t let emotion blind your sense of reasoning sha.


Know say na Naija you dey.


If anything sup, Government no send anybody papa. 


Shey you get.


Save Yourself.


Nigeria go better 1 day, yes, but, me and you need to dey alive to make that dream if at all.




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