One Hard Pill You Must Swallow – To Grow

Hey buddy,

If you want to live an amazing life, then you must swallow this pill…

“The world won’t get easier.”

Know this, and know peace.

Don’t live in the delusion that one day the world would be free from all the vices in it – because…

You’ll get heartbroken when you realize your expectation are far from reality –
it won’t happen.

No, this isn’t about being pessimistic or so.

I’m one of the most optimistic person you’ll meet in the world, but…

I’m a realist, too.

But this post is not about me.

Back to the matter…

If you want to survive and thrive,
you need to be disciplined and
learn the art of delayed

Cheap dopamine is ruining people and their potentials because they wanna:
– fit in
– impress, or
– act like they’ve arrived

Don’t be like them.

There’s a difference between BEING successful and looking like you’re successful.

One is natural, doesn’t need unnecessary pressure to keep and maintain, but…

the other(fake success) would require you ton:
🚩 Fake it
🚩 Go out of character
💯 Get frustrated

… because you’re forcing what isn’t there – yet.

The world is already not so easy, so…

Don’t make it harder on yourself with delusion and living a fake life.

Stay Sharp.


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