Can You Afford Your Lifestyle?

Don’t be that guy or lady who’s living an unsustainable lifestyle.

It’s a dangerous trap.

It’d be the beginning of your end.

Because if you’re doing that, it already shows that you’re not smart in the first place, because…

What’s the point of living a life you can’t fund or sustain by yourself?

Have you thought about what your life would be like if anything affected the source sponsoring your lifestyle?

Wait, do you even know that somehow- you’ve automatically become a mental/emotional slave to both the sponsored lifestyle and the sponsor (s)?

You don’t know?

I laugh at you in French! 💔😅😅

Just look at you. (Smh)

You base your self worth on things you can’t afford by yourself.

You go to posh places you can’t afford to go to by yourself – yet.

You buy luxurious stuffs you can’t continue to maintain without begging, scamming, or selling your body/soul for.

You remain in toxic relationships with people that ruins your mental health and peace of mind because without them – your fake life will be exposed.

You live a life that’s far from your reality just to impress others and keep up with the joneses.

Who did this to you?

How did it get to this level?

What’s wrong with your mind?

Are you okay?


Is it a self-esteem issue or an ego issue?

Talk to me.

Because, if you keep up with a sponsored lifestyle and get used to it WITHOUT developing the capacity to sustain it should anything happen to the sponsor…

You’re setting yourself up for:
– financial ruins
– premium heartbreak
– emotional breakdown

You go dey waka dey talk to yourself.

Because the people who got attracted to you because of your “sponsored lifestyle” would leave once they notice your inability to keep up.

You’d become useless to them because they won’t see the need to roll with you anymore.

And because they can’t use you to fulfill some of their selfish interests ( weed, drugs, sex, parties, vogue lifestyle,etc.) anymore…

They’d discard you FASTER than they came to you.

Will you blame them?

That’s on you.


Will you learn your lesson?

Or you won’t.

If you don’t learn,that’s even a bigger problem for you, because…

Instead of learning from your mistakes, calm down, and learn to live a life you can afford,

Your wounded ego will make you get vengeful and activate your willingness to get money by any means so that you can shame the people who left you when you couldn’t keep up with your sponsored lifestyle.

Who’s the fool here?

See, a sponsored lifestyle could be your end if you’re not careful.


Aside from people leaving you once you can’t keep up maintaining it…

You’ll feel:
– lonely
– depressed
– conquered

…especially when you have flashbacks of your “doinz”.

You’ll feel terrible once you crave some things you’ve been used to – but can’t afford any longer.


Runaway from a lifestyle you can’t afford and sustain.

If you must afford or upgrade your lifestyle, you should have the capacity to maintain it if not…

You’ll live to regret it.

It’s just like buying a fancy car when you don’t have a source of income to keep buying fuel.

You know what would happen to the car right?

It’d spend most time in a garage where it’d develop some faults.

Imagine a car you can’t buy fuel for developing issues.

How can you fix it?

With which resources?

And then your eyes will be opened for you to see that you made a dumb mistake.

A terrible one at that.

And when you can’t keep up with the many questions about the whereabouts of your car…

You’d go sell it off at 50, 60, or 70% less than the amount you purchased it.

A big loss and waste of financial resources based on your ignorance and financial illiteracy.

… that’s the same situation a sponsored lifestyle would get you into…

Hot mess!

You don’t want that for yourself, trust me.

And that’s why I want you to avoid this avoidable dangers of an unaffordable and unsustainable lifestyle.

E Get Why.

Fake life is expensive, avoid it.

Be real.

Want something?

Work for it.

And if it’s above your means at the moment, you can save for it – if it’s a priority or an asset.

Don’t let the quest or cravings for things you can’t afford enslave you in the prison of financial woes.

Be smart.

The goal is to get financial freedom, not to keep digging deep into the hole of poverty through a wasteful lifestyle.

Use your brain.

You can always ball and do anything you want with money when you’re financially stable.

Live within your means, not above it.

That’s how you grow and live a sustainable lifestyle over time.

Stay Sharp,

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